Services & Rates

Big Cheese Eventing offers a number of services to the equine community. Below is a list of services we provide and the associated rates. 

Exercise Ride & Training Rides - $40 (plus travel, if applicable)

Lessons (available at Silverthorn Farm) - $45 for boarders, $50 for ship-ins

Hauling - $0.85/mi 

**see our Facebook page and "Show Calendar" note for special Horse Show pricing**

Caroline is available to teach and train any horse and/or rider boarding at Silverthorn. Please contact [email protected] for more information on board.

Show Prep
    Braiding - $35
   Mane Pull - $25
   Clipping (face, legs, ears) - $20

Body Clipping* - $150/horse, $135/pony
   *additional charge for sedation if necessary
   *prices may vary, above charge is for full body clip including head & legs