Big Cheese Eventing

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About Us

So, Why "Big Cheese?"

Those who know me know that I love cheese. I do own a horse named Pepperjack and a wonderpup named Cheddar (not to diminish  my love of chocolate, bestowed upon my other trusty hound, Reese). But there's more to it than just a love of cheese.

big cheese
n. an important influential person

I'm a dreamer and a goal-setter. I put my mind to something and see it through. My plan for this business is to consistently produce top-quality sport horses for the eventing and jumper disciplines. I'd like to make my mark on the industry and influence the next generation of equestrians.

Oh, and I also love to smile. CHEESE! 

Currently, I train with Kelly Eaton of Athens, GA. I have previously trained with Julie Zapapas, of Jumping Branch Farm in Aiken, SC and been a working student for Adrienne Iorio (Apple Knoll Farm, Millis, MA) and Sarah Morton. In addition, I have cliniced & lessoned with the following upper level competitors and professionals:

Jane Cory ~ Richard Lamb ~ Adam Lastowka ~ Stephen Bradley ~ Doug Payne ~           ~Lucinda Green ~ Karen O'Connor ~ Will Faudree ~ Kristin Schmolze ~Kurt Martin       

Big Cheese Accomplishments

2017 Results


Bashful Bandit (Bandit)

  • 4th Stable View Winter HT, Open Beginner Novice
  • 10th Paradise HT, Open Beginner Novice
  • 9th Pine Top Spring HT, Open Beginner Novice
  • 13th Stable View Summer HT, Open Beginner Novice
  • 1st Full Gallop Schooling HT, Open Novice (finishing on his dressage score of 28.5 in                                                                                                                           his first Novice!)
  • 4th Tryon Riding & Hunt Club HT, Open Novice
  • 4th Pine Top Thanksgiving HT, Open Novice

2016 Results

Pepperjack (Jack)

  • 8th Full Gallop January HT - Open Preliminary B
  • 2nd Paradise Farm HT - Preliminary Rider
  • 7th FENCE HT - Open Preliminary

                                                                   Bashful Bandit (Bandit)
  • 2nd & 3rd Walk Trot Pleasure & Walk Trot Equitation @ BullDawg Classic
  • 7th Chatt Hills Schooling HT June,  Amoeba CT (his first dressage test and jump                               course, scoring a 34.37!)
  • 2nd Full Gallop Farm Schooling CT, Amoeba CT, finishing on his dressage score of                         28.75, also won TIP High Point for the Amoeba division
  • 6th Poplar Place Farm Schooling HT, Beginner Novice, his first 3-phase event,                                 adding just one rail to his dressage score
  • 9th Full Gallop Farm Schooling HT
  • 8th Jumping Branch Farm Schooling HT
  • 2nd Full Gallop Farm Schooling HT, finishing on his dressage score and winning the                          TIP High Point for his Beginner Novice division    

                                                     Roll 'Em Easy (Bruno)
  • 12th Sporting Days February HT - Open Beginner Novice
    *currently leased out*

                                                                 Count Truckee (Remy)
  • 5th Chatt Hills Schooling HT March, Tadpole 3-phase
  • 11th Paradise Schooling HT, Beginner Novice (his first BN)

                                                                 Starbuster (Buster)
  • 4th Chatt Hills Schooling HT June, Novice (finishing on dressage score of 33)

2015 Results

Pepperjack (Jack)
  • 5th Full Gallop Farm January Schooling CT - Open Novice A
  • 6th (out of 19!) FENCE HT, Open Training, finishing on dressage score
                      (this was his first event  back since rehabbing from a torn tendon!) 
  • 6th Poplar May HT - Open Training, finishing on dressage score 
  • 5th Full Gallop Farm August HT - Open Preliminary B, our first Prelim in 18 months  
  • 10th Poplar Place September HT - Open Preliminary, with a personal best 35.7                          Prelim dressage score and one of only 5 double clear show jumping rounds   

Roll 'Em Easy (Bruno, owned by Emily Middendorf)
  • 4th New Event Horse, Cedar Ridge Farm, August 1st
  • 1st Poplar Place Schooling HT August 22nd - his first Beginner Novice, finishing on                        his dressage score of 29.0  
  • 9th (out of 25) Tryon HT - Open Beginner Novice, finishing on a 29.8 at his first                               recognized USEA event 
  •  2nd Full Gallop November HT November 2015, finishing on a dressage score of 28.5

Blues Traveler (Theo)
  •  5th Full Gallop Farm January Schooling CT - Open Novice B
  • 3rd Area 3 Championships - Novice Horse, finishing on dressage score of 36 
SOLD in June 2015

Ferragamo's Finn (Finn, owned by Lilian Sattler)
  • 2nd place Jumping Branch Farm Schooling HT- Open Beginner Novice, finishing on                  his dressage score of 31.3 at his first ever event

Seefari (Sleepy)
leased to Marie R. of Athens, GA

2014 Results

Pepperjack (Jack)
  • 4th Jumping Branch Schooling HT February, Preliminary
          *sustained a torn tendon and currently conditioning for a Spring 2015                                 competition schedule

Blues Traveler (Theo) -  while on lease in Texas
  • Competed on the US Pony Club Team at the 2014 US Pony Jumper                                                       Championships, held at Pony Finals in Lexington, KY.
  • Finished on the Gold Medal Team and 5th place Individually with only 8 faults for                              the weekend
while back with Caroline
  • 3rd Middle Tennessee Pony Club HT October, Open Novice (on dressage score)
  • 3rd Full Gallop Farm HT November, Open Novice (finished on dressage score)
  • 4th Jumping Branch Farm Schooling HT November, Open Training                                                                                                                                           (on dressage score)

Seefari (Sleepy)
  • Reserve Champion Low Schooling 3', Silverthorn Farm MayDaze Jumper Show
  • Champion Low Schooling 3', Silverthorn Farm June Eq & Jumper Show
  • 3rd - AAHJA Year-end Awards, High/Low Schooling Jumper

Finnigan (owned by Leigh Campbell)
  • 4th place, Open Training, Full Gallop Farm June HT

2013 Results

Pepperjack (Jack)

  • 10th Sporting Days HT March, Preliminary

  • 5th individual, 1st Team Challenge, FENCE HT April, Preliminary        

  •  4th Paradise HT  May, Preliminary          

  • 4th individual, 1st CoTH Team Challenge, WindRidge HT, October, Preliminary

  • 7th Paradise HT, October, Preliminary (double clear XC)

  • 2nd Jumping Branch Schooling HT November, Preliminary (on dressage score)

  • Champion Yearend High/Low Schooling Jumper, Athens Area Hunter Jumper                    Association

Seefari (Sleepy)
  • 3rd place - Year end High/Low Schooling Jumper, Athens Area Hunter Jumper                    Association

Blues Traveler (Theo)
  • 7th place - 2'7" Jumpers @ HJ Fox Classics July
  • 6th place - 2'9" Jumpers @ HJ Fox Classics July
  • 2nd place - 3' Jumpers @ HJ Fox Classics July
  • Champion - Year end Intro Jumpers, Athens Area Hunter Jumper Association
  • Reserve Champion - Year end High/Low Schooling Jumpers, Athens Area Hunter                  Jumper Association 

The BCE Crew

Caroline Marlett
 Owner, Trainer, Rider

Davis Templeton
  Groom, Media-Man Extraordinaire

 Head Squirrel Patrol, Horse Show Escort

 Assistant Squirrel Patrol,  Resident Diva